May 23

Adult Incontinence Diapers Eliminate Embarrassment

Incontinence is a medical condition in which a person loses the ability to hold urine or defecation. They suffer from bladder or bowel control problems. It is a common condition which leads to embarrassing situations at times and people do not prefer to talk about it, as they feel ashamed. This condition is common among elderly people. The bladder control issues are found among old people of 65 years of age and 15 to 30 percent of elderly people suffer from some kind of incontinence and make use of incontinence diapers. Even a lot of women are affected with this condition and their count is more than men.

How People Can Treat the Condition of Incontinence ?

Those who suffer from bladder control problems go through social embarrassment and they are bed wetters. While speaking to someone in public, they would urinate. Thus, Incontinence diapers can help them to escape the embarrassing situation, but to treat it properly, they must take the doctor’s advice. The Incontinence diapers are available in different designs and styles. Using these diapers is very easy and it is designed for plus size people as well. This condition is not a disease, as it occurs because the problem persists in the urinary system, muscles, bowels, etc. So, it is necessary to take care of yourself so you do not feel ashamed.

Along with Incontinence diapers there comes a lot of odor eliminators, wipes, etc. The disposable Incontinence diapers help to clean the waste in a hygienic manner and gives you complete comfort. You can make use of creams and other gels to avoid irritation of the skin. You can take the treatment from doctors and get complete protection as well. Medicine will do its job but till then, you do not need to feel isolated because the protective diapers will keep you safe completely.

Types of Incontinence Diapers and Their Benefits

There are several types of incontinence diapers which come with an adhesive strip that keeps your undergarments secure. They do not offer a bulky protection, so when you wear pants, jeans or any lower garment, the shape of Incontinence diapers will not look bad. You can also try the Tena Pads, Prevail Bladder Control Pads, or Attends Guards for better security and comfort. In case of Incontinence diapers you can also make use of protective underwears which are reusable and has the capacity to absorb the moisture. It also controls the bad odor and keep you fresh all the time.

There are belted Incontinence diapers which can be worn with or without the underwear and gives total relaxation. Most of the time you will find that the belted shields are much more comfortable to wear and looks thin as well. This can be used by those who have a problem to go to the bathroom during the night and suffer from bladder control issues. The Incontinence diapers are available with different features. Depending on the severity of incontinence you may require the Incontinence diapers which are available in different shapes, sizes and features.

There are cost effective Incontinence diapers available for the adult and elderly people who can enjoy a carefree life wearing those. It’s time to shun the embarrassment and lead a natural life where you enjoy being social with others.

May 23

Elderly Senior Incontinence Care

incontinent seniorIncontinence tools are ideal for people who are struggling with fecal or bladder control problems, especially with regard to elderly seniors. Elderly folks could handle incontinence by themselves however when they are approaching their own final years, it is rather typical to help them to try and control it. Utilizing the variety of associated incontinence products such as adult diapers along with other incontinence items is going to be significantly helpful in assisting to handle incontinence care correctly.


What Exactly is Senior Incontinence Care?

Incontinence generally occurs in people older than sixty however it can be fairly common for some of younger years too. Incontinence care is actually whenever a individual is not able to manage the act of excreting urine and or fecal waste. Incontinence products, such as cloth adult diapers and disposable incontinence pads can be used effectively for managing this embarrassing condition.


Types of Incontinence Care

There are many kinds of incontinence care that the person can experience such as the following:


  • Tension Incontinence — many seniors individuals are afflicted by this kind of incontinence currently from insufficient muscle control through the bladder. In many instances your own bladder will certainly release a small amount associated with urine with regards to offers a lot of tension positioned on this like whenever you giggle, sneezing, or even coughing. Putting on pads will assist you to capture the additional urine that trickles away.


  • Desire Incontinence — for elderly people, this is actually the most typical kind of incontinence. It is about upon suddenly while you possess the desire to go to the bathroom and frequently are not able to reach the bathroom . in time. Within elderly sufferers, adult diapers might be the best remedy being a whole bladder might release as well as physical issues makes it rare towards the bathroom.


  • Response Incontinence — seniors frequently experience this particular whether they have health problems or not.. This usually happens during the night and it is when the body release urine or fecal waste.


  • Flood Incontinence — the actual bladder is simply too full to keep any more urine but it will surely launch this. Frequently elderly people may have a healthy but enlarged prostate or some other problem just like a urinary tract infection.


Therapy for Senior Incontinence

Elderly seniors have vulnerable bladder and rectal muscle tissue which are exactly what can cause urinary system and fecal incontinence to occur. Diabetes, enlarged prostate, higher calcium amounts, along with bladder and rectal muscle control loss might all result in incontinence. It really is unmanageable plus sufferers are unfortunately embarrassed from this. You have to try to keep them from feeling ashamed and in turn provide help in assisting them with their adult diapers. Here are some other tips that will help incontinence with elderly people:


  • Ensure the path to the restroom is short and cleared of objects as well as safe with the addition of lamps and security hand rails
  • Utilize raised lavatory seats to help seniors in the bathroom
  • Make certain the elderly seniors clothes are changed quickly
  • Think about waterproof bed linens together with absorbing under linens to contain the urine from absorbing everywhere


May 23

Senior Care: Selecting the Right Incontinence Briefs

Many seniors and elderly folks feel embarrassed about incontinence, which is a medical condition where people cannot control urination and or defecation. The bladder gets damaged in this condition and while exercising, sneezing, coughing or any movement of the body, when the pressure is released on the bladder, the person urinates. The urge for urinating fails unlike what happens to a normal human being. For such people, there are many Incontinence briefs that can help incontinence patients to find ease and comfort.

Benefits of Using Incontinence Briefs:

The incontinence briefs allows an individual to enjoy social gatherings and get rid of embarrassment. It actually maintains the hygiene level as well. Those who suffer from overflow incontinence where the person urinates more than the holding capacity of the bladder, can get great relief from Incontinence briefs which are designed keeping in mind the comfort level of the patient. A lot of women suffer from this and their count is much more than men. Therefore, the Incontinence briefs for women are many. The underwear fits perfectly and has the capacity to absorb the moisture. It keeps the skin odor free and healthy as well. You will not find any irritation with the usage of Incontinence briefs and it helps to protect the leakage and there are many for men as well.

Types of Incontinence Briefs for the Elderly:

There are different types of Incontinence briefs which can be used by elderly men and women. There are absorbent pads which fits easily inside the underwear and there are adhesive strips to keep them straight. It can be changed throughout the day and helps to store more than 8 ounces of urine comfortably. There are other incontinence briefs like the adult panties which are reusable, washable and are cost effective as well. They are available in different styles and one can wear it for sleeping at night and going out or doing the work as well.

The other type of Incontinence briefs which can be used for elderly people are, protective under pads which come with a different absorbent level. The pads come with anti bacterial and anti fungal finishing to keep your skin free of irritation. The material used is breathable and gives proper security as well. Those who suffer from mild incontinence problem can make use of Incontinence briefs like plastic pants. These can be worn over the underwear and are helpful in mild leaks.

There are other types of Incontinence briefs like the disposable pull up underwear, adult cloth diapers, reusable incontinence panties, mens’ underwear, etc. There are heavy duty underwear for critical problems of the bladder. The incontinence briefs are designed to help the patient feel free and lead a normal life. Though the medicinal treatment can go side by side, the disposable pads or other types of Incontinence briefs can be used for attending social gatherings or going out to public places. One doesn’t need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of the situation. The incontinence briefs will protect you accurately and you will find no issues for the size as well. The briefs have a high absorbing level and help you save money, if you purchase it online.

For treating the problem, you would need to take medicines and perform Kegel exercises but, with the use of Incontinence briefs you can expect complete peace of mind.


May 23

Advantages of Good Adult Cloth Diapers for the Elderly

With an aging population, scores of people are searching ways to handle their incontinence. The market today is full of many incontinence products for elderly sufferers who are looking for disposable and non disposable products for incontinence. One of the most popular and commonly used incontinence products is adult cloth diapers. The adult cloth diapers from different brands come in washable versions to be used again and again. The adult cloth diapers can be considered as a great choice due to many reasons.

As the adult population is growing day by day, to help adults and aged people in your home, adult cloth diapers are quite helpful. The information below will show you know why adult cloth diapers are a good choice.

Advantages of adult cloth diapers for the Elderly

  • Adult cloth diapers are comfortable:

Diapers made from cotton materials are far more comfortable than any other incontinence product as per most people reviews online. Adult cloth diapers are made using many different types of materials including cloth, gauze and terry cloth. For people with sensitive or very sensitive skin can make use of adult cloth diapers to stay comfortable. Different types of adult cloth diapers come with different designs and capabilities to absorb moisture and keep it away from the skin. Soaking is good for skin protection and protects it from rashes as well. One of the most important advantages of adult cloth diaper is that they remain in place and fit much better than that of disposable diapers.

  • Adult cloth diapers are cost effective:

Adult cloth diapers are slightly costlier than that of disposable diapers. However when buying adult cloth diapers, one must keep in mind that cloth diapers are a one time investment only. It is mainly because the adult cloth diapers do not require constant replacement like disposable adult diapers. Many people using cloth diapers found that by using adult cloth diapers cost for constant cloth laundry is saved as well due to less dirty clothes. The adult diapers can be easily purchased in different online as well as offline shopping stores.

  • Adult cloth diapers afford discretion:

The adult cloth diapers are available in the market is two different types for discretion. Now a days, adult cloth diapers can be bought online as incontinence products. Online shopping allows you to order products right from home and keeping your privacy intact as well. One of the advantages of using adult cloth diapers is that like disposable diapers, adult cloth diapers are not very noisy till a level of discretion. For people who feel like they need additional protection, they can easily wear, disposable diapers over adult cloth diapers, as they are one of the best available options.

  • Adult cloth diapers are ecologically responsible:

The disposable diapers end up in landfills similar to baby diapers. They take a very long time to completely dispose off and dissolve in soil. Disposable diapers are under grave concern in regards to environmental issues mainly as they are incontinence products. If you too are concerned about the environment then you can simply switch to using adult cloth diapers. Adult cloth diapers are a good option environmentally and investment wise as well. Adult cloth diapers for elderly can be used over and over again quite easily. Due to their long life cycle, they are also helpful to the environment in many ways.